Open Gate runs with the help of many wonderful volunteers, as well as our great staff!!!


Tommy Calzadias
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Contact Tommy at


Dena Gray Hughes
Director, Programming

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Volunteer Communications: Robert Cobb

Clothing Closet Lead: Position Open

Hygiene Pack and Backpack Lead: Pedro Pinto

Kitchen Leads: Heather Barr, Constance Gray, and Juanita Jeys


Board Members

Open Gate Board consists of both members of the Bering congregation and the community. 

Amelia Coffman, Nate Custer, Joe Dembowski (Secretary), Constance Gray, Esther Houser, David K. Johnson (Chair), 
Jim Knauff (Treasurer),  Pedro Pinto, Luis Mario Tellez Rios, Rev. Stephanie Snyder (Pastoral Liaison), Frank Staggs