Our History

Open Gate was born March 4, 2007: "We understand what it means to be outside a locked gate, don't we? So, who is outside the gate in our neighborhood?"

The program that resulted focuses on 18-30-year-old homeless young adults of any sexual orientation or gender identity, but with a fundamental commitment to provide a safe and welcoming place for LGBTQ young adults who generally have a very difficult time at shelters and agencies. "Safety" means not only no weapons, drugs, or alcohol, but also no violent speech or action.

Open Gate is representative of the spirit of social justice and social action that has long been a part of Bering's history and heart. Bering has been about serving the poor and the marginalized, about caring for those sick with yellow fever, influenza, polio, and HIV/AIDS. This is Bering's legacy and call.


We understand what it means to be outside a locked gate

To learn about all that Open Gate has accomplished, see our 2015 Annual Report